5 Area Rug Types to Give Your Living Room a Makeover

A living room transformation doesn't always have to be a grand affair of costly renovation ideas such as lavish furnishings, upgrading lighting fixtures, or adding a royal fireplace. 

There is an easy way to glamorise your living room, and that's by decorating it with area rugs. Living room rugs are style statements that have the knack of making them look vibrant and full of life. 

At Homemonde's store, you get to explore different types of area rugs, and in this blog post, we will explore the most widely chosen ones.


 Jute Rugs 

First on the list, we have jute rugs. A jute rug is an eco-friendly decor option that has a chic appeal, is highly durable, and requires less maintenance. 

The natural golden-tan shade of jute lends a rustic and earthy vibe to the entire space. Jute rugs are often reversible, so if one side is somewhat dirty, you can flip it and use it until the next cleaning day. 

There is no limit on how and where you can use the jute area rugs. Whatever theme you have set in your living room—modern, bohemian, or traditional—these natural rugs can mix well with it seamlessly.

In terms of maintenance, this is the best rug for the living room, as it requires minimal effort. Just regular vacuuming is enough to maintain your rug. 

 Shaggy Rugs

As the name suggests, a shaggy rug has a shaggy plush appearance. 

By having this type of rug in your living room, you not only add a taste of true luxury, but it also never goes out of style. 

Homemonde's shaggy area rugs are known to be highly durable because of their thick pile and tight construction; therefore, they are best suited for high-traffic areas like living rooms in your house. 

Besides adding a captivating aesthetic flare to your space, shaggy rugs offer great comfort and extra softness. Walking on a shaggy rug feels like heaven, giving a soothing sensation to the feet.

 Felt Rugs

Any list of the best area rugs is incomplete without felt rugs. 

Made of polyester, felt rugs, with their spectrum of design and colour combo options, can bring a bohemian vibe to your living space. You can easily find something to match or contrast with your living room’s door curtains for a cohesive look. 

One of the most notable features of felt rugs is that they are easy to maintain since they are generally machine washable. And for stains, spot cleaning is best, as it can upkeep their vibrant appeal for years to come. 

Cotton Rugs 

Cotton area rugs have a soft and pleasant appeal that can add charm to your living space. 

Because of the meticulous weave, these area rugs can withstand everyday wear and tear without losing their original appeal. Also, maintenance of cotton rugs is no big deal; they can be spot cleaned, machine washed, and vacuumed regularly. 

Another important advantage of cotton area rugs is that they come in a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs. Whether it is the red and white pattern or elegant black, there’s a cotton rug to suit every taste. 

Moreover, these types of rugs are generally reversible, meaning you can flip them over if you don't have time for cleaning. 


Recycled Rugs 

Last but not least, we have recycled rugs. Made from non-absorbent polyester, the most specific quality of Homemonde's recycled area rugs is that they keep mould and mildew at bay.

Their production involves no use of synthetic chemicals, which makes them safe to add to your living room. The simplicity of maintenance is one of the major advantages of recycled rugs. They are simple to clean with a light detergent on a gentle cycle. 

Recycled rugs are available in a selection of dimensions, designs, and hues. Thus, it is possible for you to pick the ideal rug that goes with your living room’s overall feel, whether it is a multicolor rug with tassels or the classic navy blue. 


Final Words 

So, there we have looked at the top five types of area rugs to bring life to your living space. 

Explore at Homemonde's store all the above-listed five stunning options to add to your living room, along with other soft furnishing items. Be it window curtains, bedsheets, cushion covers, or pillows, we have everything in our store made from high-quality material and available at the most competitive price. 

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