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How can I contact customer support for further assistance?

You can reach our customer support team via email at [care@homemonde.in] or through the contact form on our website. We're here to help with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products or services.

Can I purchase your products in physical stores, or are they only available online?

Currently,our products are exclusively available for purchase through our website. We do not have physical retail locations, allowing us to offer competitive pricing and convenient online shopping experiences.

Apart from the Homemonde website, you can purchase our products through Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart.

Do you offer gift wrapping or special packaging options?

At this time, we do not provide gift wrapping services. However, our products are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive in pristine condition. If you're sending a gift, you can add a personalized message during the checkout process.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other secure online payment gateways.Your payment information is encrypted and protected to ensure a safe and seamless checkout process. COD is also available.

How do I know my order is confirmed ?

You will receive a confirmation message and email once your order is confirmed.

How to check current status of my order?

To check the current status of your order, please follow these steps:

1. Log In: Visit our website and log in to your account using your credentials

2. Navigate to Orders: Once logged in, find the  Track Your Order at the Footer of the Website.

3. Select Order: Locate the specific order you wish to track and click on it to view more details.

4. Check Status: The status of your order should be displayed on this page. It may show as "Processing," "Shipped," "Out for Delivery," or "Delivered,"depending on its current stage in the shipping process.

What materials are your products made of?

Our products are crafted using high-quality fabrics such as premium cotton, linen and polyester to ensure durability,comfort, and style.

How do I measure for curtains?

Length: Start by measuring rom the top of the curtain rod towhere you want the curtains to end. This could be just above the window sill, to the floor, or even beyond for a more dramatic look.

Width: Measure the width of the window or the space you want the curtains to cover. Start from one side of the window frame and measure horizontally to the other side.

What types of curtains do we offer?

We offer a diverse range of curtains to suit various styles and preferences. Our collection includes:

1. Blackout Printed & Solid Curtains

2. Sheer Printed & Solid Curtains

3. Duck Printed Curtains

4. Velvet Curtains

Can I request swatches or samples of your fabrics before making a purchase?

We understand the importance of seeing and feeling fabrics before buying. While we don't offer swatches or samples for individual products, you can order a fabric swatch set containing small samples of various fabrics used in our products for a nominal fee.Please contact our customer support team for more information.

Do you have any promotions or discounts for bulk orders?

If you're interested in placing Business orders for Curtains, Cushion Covers, Upholstery Fabrics, Bedsheets & Table Runners,we encourage you to get in touch with us at +91 91160 08563 for inquiries regarding special promotions or discounts tailored to your requirements.

Are your products machine washable?

Yes, most of our products are machine washable. However, we recommend following the care instructions provided with each item to maintain their quality and longevity.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk purchasing options?

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing for bulk orders.Please reach out care@homemonde.com to our wholesale team for inquiries regarding pricing, minimum order quantities, and customization options.

How often do you release new collections or designs?

We regularly update our product offerings with new collections and designs to keep up with evolving trends and customer preferences. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay informed about our latest releases and promotions.

How effective are Homemonde's blackout curtains in darkening a room?

Our blackout curtains are designed to block out a significant amount of light, darkening your room by up to 70%. This ensures a cozy and conducive environment for sleeping, movie-watching, or any other activity that requires minimal light intrusion.