Mattress Protectors

Need help to improve your mattress life? 

A peaceful and undisturbed sleep is what everyone looks forward to after a long tedious day, we crave for it too. Now imagine the moment when you lay on your bed, that stench of that accidental spill of coffee on your bed from a few days ago must have ruined your mood right? Don’t worry, we’ve got a quick fix, because we prioritise your comfort and hygiene. Introducing HomeMonde’s mattress protectors, which are not only budget friendly, but also supports your mattress life.

A bed protector acts as a barricade between your mattress and the surrounding. It keeps the dust, mites, pet dander and all allergens at the bay, so they won’t accumulate in your mattress over time.

But why buy HomeMonde’s protector?

Our quilted mattress covers are 100% waterproof, preventing unpleasant growth of mould and bacteria on rainy days. They are built with a three layer design that ensures your comfort and protection. The first layer is soft and crafted with 200 GSM cotton, allowing you a restful sleep. Second layer is quilted to provide them with plushness for a cosy night’s sleep. Third layer is an upgraded TPO coating, to ensure that they are waterproof.

Our products are designed to be breathable, promoting enough air circulation and temperature regulation so they don’t accumulate heat while you sleep. The protector is covered with elastic knits, with a strong elastic band, ensuring full coverage and defence.

Accidents happen, and it’s not your fault at being clumsy. Whether it’s a drink spillage or a turmeric stain, we have your back. These mattress protectors are easy to manage, the fabric is machine washable and dryer friendly. This convenience ensures that you can have a clean layer, ready to use. It does not even produce weird crackling noises, allowing you a peaceful sleeping experience.

Types of mattress protectors available-

Our mattress covers come in 2 variants, a skillfully crafted terry cloth mattress protector which comes in generous solid colours such as Navy blue, Brown, Maroon, Grey and Beige. The other one is a pure shield mattress protector, having three layers of exquisite design. You can choose them in Navy blue, Brown and Grey colours.

Available in any size you want-

Searching for a king size? Or want one for your queen? Yes, we have it right here. You can also shop for single bed and diwan mattress protectors.    

Customer Testimonials

  • - “It is perfect fitting as per that dimension. Also material is very good water proof bed sheet i choose blue color thats looks great. Must buy worth it”- Foram Acharya.
  • - “After using one month I feel good and worth for money”- Abdul Rafeek

Protect your mattress, upgrade your comfort, and rejoice in a healthier sleeping environment with HomeMonde.