Dohar vs. Quilt: All You Need to Know

Confused about whether to go with a dohar or a quilt? Well, don't worry; this blog is here to help.

Choosing the right bedding can significantly affect the quality of sleep. You can either have tension-free sleep like a baby or toss and turn all night. It all depends on what bedding items you choose.

So let's learn about Dohar vs. Quilt in this blog post to help you make the right choice for your comfort.

What is a Dohar?

A dohar is a type of sleek blanket that is made by stitching two layers of cotton sheets together, with a flannel in between for extra warmth. It is best-suited to keep cosy when the AC is at a low temperature without feeling something too bulky layered over you. 

What is a Quilt?

A quilt, on the other hand, has thick layering that provides more comfort and warmth during chilly winter nights. Being heavier, it is mostly preferred in areas where the winters are extreme and long. 

Dohar Vs Quilt - Key Differences You Need to Know







Europe and North America


Primarily used in warm or tropical climates

Used in colder climates


Made of cotton or lightweight fabric

Either synthetic materials such as polyester or natural fabrics like cotton


Typically, three thin layers of cotton

Multiple layers, usually with batting in between



Heavier due to thick filling


Provides minimal warmth, more for comfort

Provides enough warmth on colder nights


Simple, often with hand-block prints or minimal patterns

Complex patterns, often quilted in designs


Easy to wash and maintain

Requires more care in washing and maintenance


Generally more affordable

Can be more expensive, depending on materials and craftsmanship

Let's discuss some of these differences in detail.

1. Material and Insulation

Dohar: A dohar typically consists of three layers: the top and bottom layers are made of lightweight cotton, and the middle layer is a thin filling. This filling can either be the same cotton fabric or any other lightweight material. This composition makes dohars soft and comfortable, perfect for nights when the AC is on or the beginning and ending of the winter season.

Quilt: Quilts also have three layers, but their inner filling is heavier, often made of polyester, microfiber, cotton, etc., providing greater warmth. This heavier filling makes quilts more suitable for colder nights, offering better insulation compared to dohars.


2. Weight and Thickness

Dohar: Dohars are known as lightweight and thin coverings. Being light in weight, they do not feel heavy on the body, providing a comfortable sleeping experience. Also, dohars are easy to handle, fold, and store.

Quilt: Quilts are generally heavier and thicker compared to dohars. The batting layer adds to their weight, making them bulkier. This thickness is what makes them perfect for chilly winter nights when the temperature drops and one seeks cosiness to fall asleep. 

3. Craftsmanship and Design

Dohar: Dohars often feature simpler designs that look elegant and beautiful. Mostly, you will find them in traditional patterns, which are so adorable. 

Quilt: Quilts generally have more elaborative designs. They may feature intricate patchwork, detailed stitching patterns (quilting), and a variety of colours and fabrics.

4. Maintenance and Care

Dohar: Dohars are easy to maintain. You can machine wash and dry them at home without worrying about impacting their shape or softness. Their light fabric dries quickly, so it is convenient to care for.

Quilt: Quilts require greater care because of their intricate stitching and thicker filling. They often need to be machine washed on a gentle cycle or by hand and dried flat to maintain their shape and prevent the delicate fibres from getting ruined, affecting their warmth significantly. 


5. Price Range

Dohar: Dohars are generally priced less than quilts as they are a lightweight bedding item.

Quilt: Quilts can be more expensive, especially those that are handcrafted or feature intricate designs.


The Bottom Line

When it comes to choosing between a dohar and a quilt, consider your area’s climate and desired level of warmth. Dohars offer lightweight comfort, ideal for milder climates, while quilts provide a greater degree of warmth, often needed in colder regions.

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