How to Set a Dinner Table for Guests?

The first thing that can impress your guests is the presentation of your dining table. 

The tempting food and delectable sweet dish are going to make an impact later - first, the setting of your dinner table must please their hearts. 

With that in mind, Homemonde has come up with thoughtfully designed and elegant-looking soft furnishing items for the dining table. Explore them all and learn how to set a dinner table for guests correctly.

Choose the Perfect Table Cover

Start with the dining table cover as that will set the tone for your entire dining area. Homemonde offers a wide range of cotton-printed table cover designs, including Ikat, Chevron, Quatrefoil, Diamond, and 3D Square. Each one is unique and has its own charm. You can choose according to the ambiance you want to create that will impress your guests. 

 Enhance with a Table Runner

Table runners are to enhance the style of the table further. You have to make them run down the centre of the table. 

You can use table runners with or without a table cover beneath them. However, while you choose a table runner, make such a choice that it becomes the focal point of your table setup for dinner while also protecting its surface.

 Here’s what Homemonde brings you in the table runner variety:


  • Cotton Table Runner - Available in many print options, our cotton table runners are worth checking out. Some prints are perfect for formal dining with guests; others you can prefer for casual gatherings. 
  • Block Print Table Runner - The contemporary print designs of our block print table runners are a must-explore to find something astonishing for formal dinner parties. 
  • Jute Table Runner - Small and chic, Homemonde’s jute table runners inject a rustic charm and are a great choice if you are arranging an intimate dinner. 
  • Recycled Table Runner - Recycled table runners are mainly for everyday use, but you might find some options that go with your dinner theme for your guests, so you can consider them too!

How To Place a Table Runner

There are just a few things you need to keep in mind when placing a table runner, and those are:

Keep it in the Center: Your table runner must be in the centre of the table and extend equally on both ends. 

Contrast Correctly: If you are using a table cover below the runner, make sure the colours don’t clash with each other; instead, they must complement for an adorable look.

Add Decor Pieces: Think of what you can keep on the table runner to decorate the entire table; it can be candles, a flower vase, or centrepieces that match your dinner’s theme.

     Place Stunning Table Mats

    Table mats, or table placemats, are the last but important piece to buy for dinner table organisation. We need them to style the table, beside protecting it from spills and hot serving bowls. So, there is a variety at Homemonde’s store for table mats online:


    • Hand Block Print Table Mats - The elegant print of our hand block print table mats is worth checking out for a premium dining experience that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.
    • Jute Table Mats - Boasting a rich earthy tone, jute table mats are your go-to option for boho-chic, rustic-themed, or casual dinners with guests. 
    • Recycled Table Mats - Made from recycled fabrics, these table mats are best suited for everyday dining with family or very close guests.

    Things To Keep in Mind for Arranging Table Mats

    1. Leave Even Space - While you place them on the table, leave even space between each of them.
    2. Get the Right Material - Mainly if you are selecting the table mats for dinner with guests, cotton fabric will be your best bet. Still, never limit your options; you are open to exploring other fabrics in table mats online. 


    In The End

    Now you are all set to impress your guests with the perfect setting of a dinner table. So, it is time to begin gathering all the stuff you need. Explore Homemonde's official website or visit our Amazon store and place your orders immediately. Till the time your order arrives, plan out a delicious dinner menu that your guests can’t resist but savour every bite.
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