Top 5 Cushion Covers to Buy for Summers

Summers finally knocked on the door! Now, it's time to swap those bland-looking cushion covers for something new and refreshing. Explore the latest cushion cover collection by Homemonde to make a choice that reflects your taste and leaves your guests awe-struck.


Cotton Cushion Covers

Cotton, being a cool and breathable fabric, is always a perfect choice for cushion covers in the summer. You can find them in various interesting patterns to match any interior type. And while you are opting for cotton cushion covers, you get plenty of colour combinations to choose from. For a modern-looking space, seek contemporary colours like grey and blue, whereas for a traditional or classic vibe, choose to buy cushion covers online in multi-color shades.


Foil Print Cushion Covers

Foil Print cushion covers are designed to bring an elegant look to a space. The metallic foil design livens up a boring or mute-coloured interior without making it look overdone. You can style them on your sofas for a modern and minimalist touch or add them as statement pieces on your bed alongside other neck pillows.


Velvet Cushion Covers

When looking for luxury cushion covers online, velvet cushion covers are second to none. The royal feel and look of the velvet fabric can instantly add a luxurious vibe to your interior. There are endless possibilities for styling them on your sofas or beds. Go with jewel-tones such as maroon, blue, or brown for a lavish look or white, grey, or black for a more classy feel. You can also complement velvet cushion covers with your bedsheets by choosing them in colours that match your bedsheet's print.

Quilted Cushion Covers 

For those who want a cosy and stylish addition to their interior, quilted cushion covers are the best bet. Their unique texture and handblock print make them look so gorgeous that your guests will find it hard not to talk about them. For a natural and inviting vibe, you can pick them in earthy tones like blue and green. However, to create a contrast, layer quilted cushion covers in soft tones like pink with crisp white bedding.


Tufted Cushion Covers

Crafted with love and dedication, tufted cushion covers are both chic and durable. These adorable and versatile cushion covers can bring a beautiful, vibrant, or minimalist vibe to your home decor. However, you have to make a thoughtful choice from myriads of colours and patterns to match the vibe of your interior. Pair them with patterned rugs, plants, or wall art to beautify the look even more.

To Wrap Up

Get the best cushion covers online in India from Homemonde’s store. We have a variety of luxury cushion covers that you can purchase from the comfort of your home. Being an ISO and GOTS-certified brand, we assure premium quality and unmatched durability. Thanks to our panel of passion-driven designers, we keep updating our stocks with exclusive designs. And not to mention, we promise the most competitive prices in the market.
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