Up to 50% Off on Bedroom Decor Essentials | Homemonde’s Monthly Mega Deals

India's biggest bedroom decor sale is now live - Homemonde’s “Monthly Mega Deals.” Get never-before-seen deals and discounts on bedroom essentials. 

Our exclusive range includes premium-quality runners, curtains, block-printed bedsheets, and mattress protectors. Get up to 50% off on these products. 

Let's check out:

#1 Curtain Variety: Refresh Your Space

Curtain Type



Solid Sheer Curtains

Lightweight, translucent curtains for a soft and airy feel.

Starts at just ₹ 455/-

Solid Blackout Curtains

Heavy opaque curtains that block out excessive sunlight and ensure privacy.

Starts at just ₹ 475/-

Velvet Curtains

Luxurious, soft velvet curtains for an elegant touch.

Starts at just ₹ 570/-

Printed Sheer Curtains

Cheer up your space with our vibrant, easy-to-wash printed sheer curtains. Available in various colours, they add a lively touch to any room.

Starts at just ₹ 482/-

Printed Semi-Blackout Curtains

Partially opaque curtains with printed designs for a balance of light control and style.

Starts at just ₹ 522/-

Printed Kids Curtains

Fun, playful designs that children would love.

Starts at just ₹ 555/-

Printed Blackout Curtains

Ensure privacy and energy efficiency with 80% sunlight-blocking capacity of our printed blackout curtains.

Starts at just ₹ 665/-

What Do Customers Say About Our Curtains?

  1. Very Good design and royal look as it matches with my wall. Curtains Fabric is also soft. - Manmohan (Source)
  2. Very nice product and looks very elegant. Fabric is also thick - Souvik Chowdhury (Source)

    #2 Beautiful Block Print Bed sheets - Adorn Your Rooms

    Block Print Bedsheets

    Price Starts at just ₹ 2499/-




    Premium cotton with a 300-thread count.


    Hand block printed with intricate floral motifs.


    Super soft and comfortable for a good night's sleep.

    Sizes Available

    Bedsheet - 108 x 108, 90 x 108 (Inch) 

    Pillow Covers - 18 x 28 (Inch)

    Color Options

    Blue, pink, green, baby pink, and baby blue.


    Azo-free dyes ensure an eco-friendly and safe choice.

    Care Instructions

    Machine-washable on a gentle cycle. 

    Additional Features

    Comes with matching pillow covers.

    What Do Customers Say About Our Bedsheets?

    1. Good fabric and size also good I like this product.Definitely buy it.- Sheetal S.salunke (Source
    2. Must buy - Rahul Bhaskar Gujar  (Source

    #3 Protect Your Mattress, Sleep Better


    Material and Features

    Colours Available


    Terry Mattress Protector

    200 GSM terry cotton with TPU back coating, 100% waterproof, breathable, machine washable. Elastic corners for a snug fit.

    Navy blue, grey, brown, beige, maroon.

    Starts at just ₹ 570/-

    Quilted Mattress Protector

    Three-layer design with 200 GSM cotton, quilted for plushness, and TPU coating for waterproofing. Elastic corners for easy fitting.

    Navy blue, grey, brown.

    Starts at just ₹ 950/-

    What Do Customers Say About Our Mattress Protectors?

    1. Highly recommend and value for money - Monika Singh (Source)
    2. Size is perfectly fitted. It is slightly quilted which gives extra layer and softness to the mattress. So for it one of the essential products. - Rina (Source)

    #4 Stylish Runners: The Perfect Finishing Touch



    Colours Available


    Recycled Runners

    Handcrafted rugs - Crafted from recyclable material, making them completly eco-friendly.

    Navy blue, beige, teal, multicolor, blue.

    Starts at just ₹ 396/-

    Shaggy Runners 

    Ideal for a cosy and visually stunning home makeover. Comes in solid shades for a classic feel.

    Grey, navy blue, tan, dark grey.

    Starts at just ₹ 1,044/-

    Jute Runners

    Made from 100% jute, these organic and sturdy jute rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas of your space.

    Natural, dark grey, black, off white.

    Starts at just ₹ 570/-

    Felt Runners

    These gorgeously soft felt rugs in striped patterns are perfect to bring a bohemian vibe to any area of your house.


    Starts at just ₹ 1,044/-

    What Do Your Customers Say About Our Runners?

    1. Amazing product. Exactly as described. Fabulous quality. Warm and cosy. Colours are great. Loved it! Worth the money. Will definitely buy again. - SK (Source)
    2. Pretty good material and thick also. Ideal for places which experience cold weathers. - Priya Kashyap (Source)

    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn your bedroom from boring to beautiful without breaking your budget. 



    1. Why Should I Buy a Block Print Bedsheet?

    Our hand-block printed bed sheets are crafted from 300-thread-count premium cotton, ensuring exceptional softness and comfort. With intricate floral motifs, these sheets will make your bedroom feel like a royal retreat.


    2. Are the Mattress Protectors Waterproof?

    Yes, Homemonde’s mattress protectors are designed with TPU back coating for 100% waterproofing, ensuring protection against spills and stains.


    3. Do Homemonde’s Curtains Come in Different Sizes?

    Yes, Homemonde offers curtains in various sizes to fit different window and door dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit for every room. Check the product page for more information. 


    4. How Do I Choose the Right Runner for My Home?

    Consider the room's decor style and traffic flow. Jute runners are best-suited for high-traffic areas. On the other hand, shaggy runners offer warmth and comfort in living spaces


    5. Are There Eco-Friendly Options Available in the Sale?

    Yes, Homemonde cares for the environment too. We offer eco-friendly products such as recycled runners and block-printed bedsheets with Azo-free dyes, ensuring a sustainable choice for your home.


    6. How Long Does the Sale Last?

    Homemonde’s “Monthly Mega Deals” sale time period may vary. It is best recommended to check the website for the latest updates and ensure you don’t miss out on the amazing deals.

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