Door & Window Curtains

Check out our new contemporary curtains for doors and windows.

Did you get bored of watching those old curtains hanging on your window shelf, all dusty and pale? Then it’s time for you to improve your home aesthetics. You know it or know, but it's very important for your curtains to match the decor of your furniture. They also act as a shield against harsh sunlight and dust and so you should pay a little more attention while buying your curtains for the living room, as we don’t buy them very often. A door veil also provides privacy to some extent, when you do not wish to close the door.

But why should you buy from HomeMonde ?

Our products are fabricated with quality materials and latest technology. There are ample curtain designs, ranging from classy blackout door curtains to cute sheer window curtains. You can choose any of them on our platform, and you may shop for the perfect ones you want. We also provide you with exclusive affordable offers and value for money amidst the most competitive prices online.

Different categories of curtains for your different needs-

  • Solid blackout curtains
  • Printed blackout curtains
  • Semi blackout printed curtains
  • Solid sheer curtains
  • Printed sheer curtains
  • Velvet curtains
  • Kids printed curtains
  • What should you keep in mind before buying curtains?

Choose a correspondent colour and pattern for your curtains so that it does not clash with your existing decor. You could either choose them in shades that complement your walls or match your door curtains with that of your windows.

-If you are a night owl, working late night shifts and who then needs complete darkness to sleep in during the day, then our solid or printed blackout window curtains works best for you, providing you with full privacy. The darker shades absorb up to 98% of the sunlight and keep the room cool, while also protecting you from UVA/UVB rays.

-Our Sheer door and window curtain collection would be an amazing addition for your bedroom, living room or bathroom, as they allow ample light and fresh air while also allowing you with a full view of the outside. Sheer curtains can be coupled with solid blackout curtains for a fancy look. Our printed sheer curtains come in vibrant colours and distinctive floral prints.

-If you are someone who is exploring how to transform your home decor in a royal look, then our velvet door and window curtains are the perfect choice, as they will infuse your space with charm and lavishness.

-Looking to transform your little one's bedroom? Try our kids printed curtains, which are available in cute fruity prints.

Care instructions-

You may either hand wash, machine wash or tumble dry on low.  Avoid bleach to maintain the fabric quality for a longer time.

Benefits of Buying Curtains Online-

There are many benefits of buying curtains online. Some of them are:

  • You get to choose from a large variety of products according to your taste, that are available in different colours, prints and sizes.
  • You can filter out results based on the type of curtains you want for your home decor.
  • You can easily return or replace your curtains, if they don't fit or if you face any other concern.

Happy Customer reviews-

-I just love this product. It's really darken my room.. My room gets sunlight from morning, till afternoon..So it's becomes very hot. But this curtain made a magic. It's totally darken my room. Now I could get a good sleep. Thank

-Very happy with the purchase. Curtains are thick, are of good quality material and look beautiful.