9 Easy Steps to Make Your Bedroom Summer-Ready

Summer has arrived! Give your bedroom a tint of the season with a few simple steps in this guide for perfect summer bedroom decor.

Step 1: Pick a Beautifully Printed Bedsheet

What makes the look of your bedroom is your bedsheet for double bed. Pick a gorgeous print in a lovely summer colour that enhances the look of your entire room and leaves everyone's jaw dropped. You will not put much effort into finding extra accessories for bedroom decor. Just a printed bedsheet with a captivating design will be enough to decorate your room.


Step 2: Get Natural Materials

Natural fibers like linen, wood, and wicker are known to bring a summery vibe to a space. If you find any hanging item, table lamp, or anything made of natural material, buy it right away to add a hint of summer to your room. 
Recently, jute floor rugs and jute table mats have been in vogue to create summer-themed bedrooms - you must give them a try. The earthy tone and natural fibers of these pieces will set the perfect summer tone that you might be in search of for your bedroom.


Step 3: Grab Vibrant Cushion Covers

Whether it's summer or winter, adding cushions is always a great idea for a perfect bedroom setup. While we have to make the bedroom summer-ready, we will wrap the cushions with printed and vibrant-looking cushion covers. 
You may easily find stunning colour options and printed designs on cotton cushion covers online. Grab all those that you like and compliment your bedsheet with them.


Step 4: Switch to Summer Curtains

While the season changed, why not the curtains? Let the summer brighten up your room by letting ample light pass through sheer curtains on windows and doors. Sheers, being light and airy, are always the best bet for summer. 
You can pair the sheer curtains with blockout or semi-blockout curtains for more practicality. When in need of some darkness and privacy, spread the light-blocking curtains; otherwise, allow the sheers alone to adorn your bedrooms, ensuring enough natural light with a minute privacy touch.


Step 5: Give a Flowery Touch

You might underestimate the power of flowers until you actually try them. It is effortless to do. Just set up on your table a clear glass jar with water and add beautiful flowers with stems in it. It will give a flowery touch to your bedroom, making it perfect for the summer season. 
You can refresh the flowers every 2 or 3 days, or once they fade away, introduce new ones in new shades or categories. Seeing this beauty every day will naturally uplift your mood and make your day love-filled.

Step 6: Introduce New Paintings

For a fresh vibe, freshen up the decor items too. Go to an art studio and select some paintings that match the vibe of your room and complement the room decor. You may even try to make a masterpiece on your own; it will be fun and rewarding too. DIY some mini-sized paintings or one large piece that becomes the center of attraction in your bedroom.


Step 7: Complete the Look with Dohars

It’s summer, so you must lift those blankets and choose lightweight dohars for AC. While picking the dohars for your room, look for breathable fabrics like cotton. You may find them online in vibrant shades and appealing design patterns, so it will be easier to enhance the decor of your bedroom by layering them over your bed sheet. 

Step 8: Put Away Any Winter Extras

Do not forget to put your winter items away, as you will not need them anytime soon. Pack them nicely and tuck them away in storage spaces that you barely open, so they are secured away from dust and dirt. If there are a few items that you might need in the early winter, then put them in your cupboard on the top-most or lowest shelf to avoid encountering a mess every day by mixing them up with your summer routine items.
Important Note: Remember to wash each winter item before storing it so the stains and dirt do not set in and you have them ready to use when you next need them.

Step 9: Summer Scents for a Summer Feel

Last but not least, grab 2-3 different summer scents that fill up your space with refreshing summer vibes. Try essential oils for summer scents; 2-3 drops of these oils will be enough to lift the feel of your entire bedroom. You may also give scented candles or diffusers a try for a feel-good fragrance every time you enter.

In The End

Celebrate this summer in a vibrant and refreshed bedroom by following the above simple steps for a summer bedroom makeover. Make it colourful, airy, and well decorated so that it fills your heart with contentment each time you enter it.  

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